Our Vision:

To be acknowledged as a leading scientific supplier, collaboratively creating awareness of new advances in science through latest technologies that facilitate industry and research efforts in Australia.

Our Mission:

Partnering with our suppliers and customers to provide a reliable local service to Perth’s laboratory community.

Our Values:

  1. Deliver the best possible service
  2. Build open and honest relationships
  3. Continually improve our business
  4. Always growing and learning
  5. Create a positive team environment
  6. Effectively communicate with others
  7. Be passionate and diligent
  8. Enjoy what we do
  9. Always show respect
  10. Empower others

“We are committed to customer satisfaction, achieved through our long standing customer and supplier relations, based on an open and honest approach” – JOHN JOHNSTON Founder & Director

“Through a collaborative approach and valuing customer and supplier relationships, we aim to provide solutions to problems, providing continuous improvement, networking, valuing adding and thus being your partner in science” – STEPHANIE MOORE Founder & Director 

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