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PeCOD® - Comparision to alternative testing methods across industries

In this article we outline the high level comparison of the MANTECH INC. green chemistry PeCOD® Analyzer and the applicability to both the Wastewater and Drinking Water industries.  

With our mercury and dichromate free chemistry installed in over 20 countries, the PeCOD® has delivered successful 15 minute test monitoring of COD, BOD and NOM in a variety of environments with our approved and published MOECC method.
Get ahead of changing regulations and contact MANTECH INC now to learn more about how they can provide safe and simple solutions.
"We can accomplish in a few minutes what other companies take weeks or months to do and this lets us move straight to effective treatment solutions for our clients."
- Derek Davy, Co-Founder, Econse Water Purification Systems Inc.
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