PCR Rack 96 Well

NEW – Low Temp PCR Rack

The PCR© Storage Rack, by Heathrow Scientific, offers a sleek and modern design that’s packed full of features.

The PCR© rack base is made from robust ABS construction that helps keep samples safe so you don’t have to spend extra money and time on expensive retesting. A location ID of numbers and letters allows for organized sample placement which results in easy and quick sample retrieval. The PCR© rack has a closed base design that helps samples integrity by staying cold longer.

The PCR© storage rack is versatile; it can be used on a bench top or for freezer storage. The compact footprint is stackable, which helps save valuable space in the lab. The PCR© storage rack is offered in multiple colors for coding options.


Key features:

  • The lid is ambidextrous; it can be switched to accommodate left or right hand orientation
  • The lid is detachable
  • Holds 0.2mL tubes, individual or strip
  • 96 well 8×12 configuration
  • Can be used for freezer storage down to -80°C (-112°F)
  • US Patent Pending
The PCR© Storage Rack 96 well