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Scientific Laboratory Equipment

Scientific Laboratory Equipment supplier to the Perth scientific industry. We offer a dedicated team of since therefore

Scientific Laboratory Equipment

Scientific Laboratory Equipment


The Scientific Instrumentation line offers our customers a range of high quality consumables, labware and specialised instrumentation products and value-added services. We support scientists engaged in biological research, clinical diagnostic, environmental, food dairy and beverage, pharmaceutical, mining, petrochemical industries and tertiary education. Scientific Laboratory Equipment

The Scientific Instrumentation line is a total solution provider of precision equipment into specialist niche markets offering instrumentation and consumables from market leaders and internationally well-known brands, with emphasis on application support, training, knowledge transfer and equipment servicing.


Ian Finch - Mercury Waste Water

Total Laboratory Solutions

DKSH Scientific Instrumentation group supplies a wide range of laboratory instruments, general equipment, life sciene products and consumables to all laboratories in Australia. 

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Unique test equipment for the evaluation of physical properties and performances of fuels and lubricants.

Consumables manufactured specifically to meet the needs of every application in Life Science and Analytical laboratories.

Laboratory range of products includes sample centrifugation and concentration, PCR, cryogenic, liquid handling.

Measures solids, liquids, powders and Pasters. Non-destructive thermal sensor technology solutions for R&D, production, and QC applications.

Endotoxin testing, LAL, control standard endotoxin (CSE), dilution tubes, tips, LAL plates, LAL water, instrumentation.

Purge and Trap, Headspace and Sample Concentration for GC analysis of VOCs in air, water and soils.

Platelet aggregometers and reagents.

Cryogenic Vials, boxes and freezer racks. 2D barcoding.

Pipet-Aids, microdispensers, oocyte injectors and capillary tubing.

Consumables and equipment for wet chemistry techniques, including acid digestion, cyanide and phenol distillation, BOD, TSS, oil and grease testing.

Tribology testing equipment specializing in the study of friction, wear, abrasion, and erosion.

Freezers, centrifuges, ovens and incubators.

Portable and on line-process analysers for vapour pressure, RVP, TVP, flash point, distillation, viscosity and FTIR.

Mixing, Centrifugation, Tube racks, Pipettes, tips and general laboratory use items.

Ultrasonic equipment for homogenising, dispersion, emulsifying, cell extraction, transesterfication and cleaning for laboratory and industrial sites.

Centrifuges, spectrophotometers, freezers, plate washers and plate readers.

Slides, heating stages and accessories for live cell imaging.

Certified reference material for ICP,ICP-MS, IC, atomic absorption, wet chemistry, and QC applications.

Precision fuel testing and Low temperature viscosity instruments for routine and laboratory testing of engine oils, lubricants and related fluids.

Flow Injection Analysis for low level nutrient determiniations with IC options. Rapid distillation of cyanide, phenols & ammonia using fully disposable technology.

Multi-parameter, titration, BOD and COD analysis for laboratory and process testing.

High shear cell disruption capabilties with improved protein recovery and scaleup guaranteed. Tough on cells gentle on protein.
E.Coli, Yeast Cell Disruption, Algae, Mammalian Tissue, Bacteria, Plant, Insect, Fungi

Dedicated fuel analysers , including combustion, IC prep and Chlorine/ Sulfur systems. Karl Fischer moisture analysers and automatic titrators.

Biotech nutrient analysers and cell density viability systems.

Accurate measuring of air and material humidity in research & development and quality laboratories.

Fuel lubricity and wear testing instruments and consumables.

Cloud, pour and freeze point analysers for laboratory and online applications.

Determination of vapour-liquid-equilibria, bench scale micro- & semi-micro fractional distillation, discontinuous fractional distillation systems, thin-film evaporation systems, short-path evaporation systems, extraction systems, adsorption/ absorption/ desorption.

ASTM equipment, high temperature circulators, low temperature circulators, products for thermometers & calibration.

Peristaltic pump tubing and fittings.

High-performance thermal analyzers, calorimeters, gas sorption and high pressure mass spectroscopy instruments in Advanced Materials, Life Science etc.

ICP-OES, ICP- MS, Arc/Spark and XRF analysers. Hand held, mobile and laboratory-based metal analysers.

Block Heaters, Centrifuges, Colony Counters, Dri-Blocks, Flocculators, Heating Mantles, Homogenizers, Hotplates/Stirrers, Hybridization Incubators, Shakers & Rockers, Thermal Cyclers, Vortex Mixers, Water baths and more.

Petroleum quality testing apparatus for lab/process applications, across a number of parameters.

High pressure/performance syringe pumps for lab & pilot scale experiments, such as core flooding, carbon sequestration, SFC & SFE techniques. Flash chromatography systems for organic purification, and more.

Laboratory Freezers (-20oC, -30oC, -45oC, -80oC), & refrigerators (+4oC), Freeze Dryers, Ice Machines.

ELISA Kits for in vitro diagnosis of infectious diseases. CFT reagents, ELISA, antigens and controls. ELISA Automation.

Sulphur and chlorine analysis in hydrocarbons using WD XRF. Portable, bench top, online and turn-key solutions available with ASTM compliance.