Portable Pipette Accuracy Tester

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Product Description

A complete test and reporting system for pipette accuracy based on the gravimetric method and complying with ISO Standard 8655. The Pipette Accuracy Tester includes an analytical or precision weighing system with extensive reporting software.



  • Save thousands in uneccessary external Pipette Testing!
  • Compliance with ISO8655 or any other specifications based on the “gravimetric method”
  • Select from three accuracy tester models covering a wide volumetric range
  • The innovative SHS load cell allows very short stabilization times thus increasing the productivity of your pipette calibration activities
  • Easy test and data management using special WinCT-Pipette software
  • Standard liquid thermometer and evaporation trap to ensure as precise measurements as possible
  • Includes a calibration weight and tweezers for the balance
  • Accuracy Testers – Evaporation Trap & Win CT Software included
  • AD-1690 – Quick 5 seconds test will determine damaged pipettes


The Pipette Accuracy is supplied with a USB to serial convertor as standard to enure the unit can be connected to PC’s that only feature USB ports.

The pipette accuracy system is perfect for identifying both systematic and random errors of air and direct displacement pipettes. Any facility that has to monitor the accuracy and precision of their pipettes will find this system simple to use and highly effective. The identification of faulty pipettes, in house, can help save expensive third party charges for this same service. The unit is also perfect as a training aid allowing a new operator to test and hone their pipetting skill through repetitive operations that can be monitored for consistency.

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