Scientific equipment Supplier
Scientific equipment Supplier

Scientific equipment supplier

1. Scientific equipment supplier

Scientific equipment supplier to the Western Australian scientific industry most of all we offer a dedicated team working towards helping you achieve your goals. Because servicing the Perth and wider Western Australian markets as a Scientific equipment Supplier in the fields of 1.Laboratory and Life science 2.Environmental and mining as well as 3. food and finally 4. The Oil and gas sector we have you covered. For all your Scientific equipment Supplier needs we are here to help. Laboratory scales, precision scales, filters for universities, laboratories, highly specialised.

Perth Scientific

So Supplying all of your scientific equipment contact us

Scientific Equipment Supplier

2. Laboratory

Due specialising in all your laboratory equipment

3. Scientific Equipment

Because Firstly life science, secondly material science thirdly mining therefore environmental, oil and gas

4. Perth Scientific

the place for all you scientific equipment needs. our team support you right through the buying, delivery, installation, maintenance and training process.

5. Perth Laboratory Equipment

Your Partners In Science

Established in August 2011, Scientific Partners Australia Pty Ltd is a Perth based company supplying laboratory chemicals, instrumentation and filtration products. We are passionate about science and assisting the scientific community in achieving their goals. Actively engaged in organising seminars, product demonstrations and workshops we are committed to our customers. Our aim is to work together with our customers and suppliers to be “your partner in science”.

Agencies we Represent in Western Australia

Precision & Analytical Lab BalanceA&D Weighing is the mass measurement division of A&D Australasia. The largest range of precision scales, digital scales, balances, dynamic weighing systems and testing products, designed to serve any personal or commercial function, and the best value for money.
Chemical Supplier Australia
Chem-SupplyChem-Supply Pty Ltd is an Australian owned manufacturer and supplier of laboratory and industrial specialty chemical products. The Laboratory Division offers a diverse range of over 6,000 quality reagents and standards. These products find application in analytical testing, education, research and manufacturing.
DKSH Western Australia
DKSHDKSH offers customers a range of high quality consumables, labware and specialised instrumentation products for scientists engaged in biological research, clinical diagnostic, environmental, food dairy & beverage, pharmaceutical, mining and petrochemical industries
Biological Safety Cabinets
GelaireGelaire is a specialised supplier of laminar airflow cabinets, precision air samplers and cleanroom test equipment to leading Australian science, industry and healthcare facilities.
PS Analytical - Mercury Waste Water Testing
PS AnalyticalPS Analytical specialise in a range of instrumentation and application specific accessories to facilitate the analysis of Mercury and other Hydride Forming Elements (such as Arsenic, Selenium, Antimony, Bismuth and Tellurium) by the highly sensitive Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy (AFS) technique, for both Laboratory and On-Line applications.
Veolia Water Technologies (Aust)Veolia Water Technologies (Aust), owners of Elga UK, are the worlds leading water service company. The LabWater team focus exclusively on water and its purification.

At Scientific Partners Australia we offer you a comprehensive range to meet all your requirements

Acid Hydrolysis Systems Flash Chromatography Overhead Stirrers
Acid Purification Systems Flash Point Testers Parallel Synthesis
Aggregometers, Platelet Flocculators Particle Counters
Alkanity Meters Flow Injection Analysers PCR, RT-PCR, qPCR
Anaerobic Workstations Fluorescence Spectroscopy Peristaltic Pumps
Animal Change Cage Cabinets Foetal Calf Serum pH Buffers & Standards
Anthropological Instruments (GPM) Freeze Dryers pH Meters & Electrodes
Arc/Spark OES Freezers, Laboratory Photometers (Portable & Benchtop)
Asbestos Safety Cabinets Freezers, Racks/Boxes Physical Properties of Fuels, Lubricants & Materials
Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) Freezers, Ultra Low Temp (-86C) Pipette Accuracy Testers
Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy (AFS) Fridges, Laboratory Pipette Tips
Autoclaves & Steam Sterilizers FT-IR Pipettes (Manual & Electronic)
Balances & Scales, Laboratory Fuel & Oil Analysis Pipetting Aids
Biological Safety Cabinets, Class II Fuel Lubricity & Wear Testing Powder Containment Cabinets
Bioreactors, Cell Culture Fume Cupboards Purge & Trap (GC/GC-MS)
Block Digestion Systems Gas Generators (H2, N2, Zero Air) Pyrolyzers (GC/GC-MS)
BOD/COD Analysers, Consumables GC, GCMS, GCMS-MS (TOF) Reagents:
Cabinets, Climatic Gel Documentation Systems • cDNA Synthesis
Calibration Masses Gel Electrophoresis • CRISPR Cas9 Genome Editing
Calorimetry Glassware Cleaning System • Epigenetics/ ChIP
Cell Homogenisers Gloveboxes • Inducible Expression/ Viral Expression
Centrifugal Devices Headspace/Trap (GC/GC-MS) • Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS)
Centrifugal Vacuum Concentrator Heating Mantles • Protein Purification/Expression, Interaction
Centrifuges (Mini, Benchtop, Ultra) Histology Products • qPCR
Chemical Reactors Homogenizers, Ultrasonic • Transfection
Chemicals, Chromatography Hotblock/Digestion Refractometers
Chemicals, Lab & Research Hotplates, Hotplate Stirrers Rotary Evaporators
Chlorine Analysis in Hydrocarbons HPLC, LCMS, UHPLC Rotary Mixers
Chromatography Columns Hybridization Ovens Safety Storage Cabinets
Chromatography Consumables Hydride Metals Analysers (Lab) Shaking Incubators
Circulation Chillers (Heating, Cooling) Hydride Metals Analysers (Online) Solvent Purification Systems
Climatic Cabinets Hyphenated Technologies Sonicators
Cloud Point, Pour Point, Freeze Point Analysers Ice Machines Speciation (Mercury, Arsenic, Selenium, Antinomy)
CO2 Incubators ICP-MS, ICP-OES Specific Ion Meters/Electrodes
Colony Counters Incubators Standards (AAS, IC, ICP, ICP-MS)
Colorimeters (Lovibond®) Ion Chromatography Sulphur Analysis in Hydrocarbons
Colour Measurement Isolators (Glove) Syringe Filters
Conductivity Meters & Standards Karl Fischer Moisture Titration Syringe Pumps (High Pressure)
Consumables & Accessories Kjeldahl Digestion Systems TDS/Salinity Meters
Cryogenic Tanks/Dewars Kjeldahl Distillation & Titration Thermal Conductivity Analysers
Cyanide Distillation & Analysis Laminar Flow Cabinets Thermal Desorption (GC/GC-MS)
Cytotoxic Drug Safety Cabinets Leak Detection Systems Thermogravimetric Analysers (TGA)
Differential Scanning Calorimetry Liquid Handling Robotics Thermoregulators
Dispensers, Bottle-Top Liquid N2 Containers Thermocyclers (Gradient, Non-Gradient)
Disposable Plastics Magnetic Stirrers Titrator, Automatic & Manual
Dissolved Oxygen Meters Melting Point Apparatus TOC Analysers
Distillation Mercury Analysers (Lab) Transilluminators
DMA & TMA Analysis Mercury Analysers (Online) Triple Quad: GC-MS; LC-MS
DNA/RNA Extraction/Purification kits Microfluidics (LabChip) Turbidity Meters
Dry Block Heaters Microplates Ultrasonic Baths
Dumas Nitrogen (Protein) Analysers Microscopes (Brightfield, Inverted Phase, Fluorescence) UV/VIS Spectrophotometers & Cuvettes
Elemental Analysers (CNS, Cl) Microscopy Disposables Vacuum Filtration Devices
ELISA Kits – Infectious Diseases, CFT Reagents Microwave Digestion & Extraction Vacuum Pumps, Laboratory
Endotoxin/Glucan Detection Microwave Ashing Furnace Vapour Pressure Testers
Evaporation Manifolds (Nitrogen) Microwave Synthesis Viscosity, Viscosity Baths
Fat Extraction (Automated Soxhlet) Mixers & Shakers Vortex Mixers
Fermentation & Cell Culture Systems Moisture Analysers Water Activity Meters
Fibre Analysers Multi-parameter Titration Systems (pH/EC/Alkalinity/Turbidity) Water Baths
Filter Funnels & Manifolds Nitrogen & Sulphur Analysers Water Purification & Stills
Filter Holders Nitrogen/Protein Analysis (DUMAS) Western Blotting
Filter Plates Oil & Grease Testing XRF
Filtration Media Ovens & Furnaces

Companies we ‘partner’ with in Western Australia

Our Commitment To You

  • "Through a collaborative approach we value customer and supplier relationships, aiming to provide solutions to problems, providing continuous improvement, networking, value adding therefore being your partner in science."

    Stephanie Moore
    Stephanie Moore Director
  • “At Scientific Partners Australia, both individually and collectively we are committed to complete customer satisfaction, achieved through our long standing customer and supplier relations, based on an open and honest approach.”

    John Johnston
    John Johnston Director

Upcoming Events

At Scientific Partners Australia we are always looking for ways to invest back into the scientific community which is where our passion for hosting seminars, info days and instrument demonstrations has come from. They are always a great day with opportunities to learn new things, network with colleagues in similar areas and enjoy good food. Why not check out what is coming up…

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