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Chem-Supply Pty Ltd is an Australian owned manufacturer and supplier of laboratory and industrial specialty chemical products.
The Laboratory Division offers a diverse range of over 6,000 quality reagents and standards. These products find application in analytical testing, education, research and manufacturing.
The Chem-Supply brand covers a range of analytical and laboratory chemicals that include a comprehensive offering of popular dry chemicals and solvents.




A wide range of scientific scales & lab balances from a well known and trusted brand. Easy data capture with free WINCT software. Industry leading 5 year warranty.


Boronic acids, GC Derivatization, Grignard reagents, Metal catalysts, Organolithium compounds, Oxidation reagents, Phosphine Ligands, SAR building blocks, Peroxides.

  • Liquid Chomatography Solvents: HPLC, LC/MS, UHPLC grade.
  • Peptide Synthesis – reagents, solvents.
  • Environmental solvents – PAH grade solvents: For pictogram level detection of polyaromatic hydrocarbons in water, solid waste and air.

Biological Buffers, Molecular Biology reagents, Neurochemicals, Ntiric Oxide pathway reagents, Biochemical Substrates, Immunological Substrates

Allied Colour & Additives


Allied Colour & Additives (ACA) deliver custom colour and additive solutions to plastics processors.

  • NovoColor – coloured
  • NovoStab – UV protection
  • NovoFoam – foaming agent
  • NovoFlam – fire retardant
  • Hubron – blacks
  • NovoSlip / NovoAntiblock
  • NovoProcess
  • NovoPurge
  • NovoDry
  • NovaStat

AzkoNobel Fine Chemicals


AkzoNobel Fine Chemicals (EKA) have produced chemically pure sodium and potassium hydroxide and potassium chlorate since 1904 – with consistency and low levels of impurities, making EKA a reliable global partner.

  • Potassium Chlorate
  • Potassium Hydroxide
  • Sodium & Potassium Hydroxide Pellets



Local stock/manufacturing with available pack sizes varying from 25g to 25kg. Certificates of Analysis, Specifications and MSDS’s available.

  • Analytical Grade Reagents & Solvents
  • Dessication Media
  • Laboratory Grade Reagents & Solvents
  • Microscopy/Histology
  • Other Specialty Grade (e.g. Food, Pharmaceutical, Military, Technical, Industrial)
  • pH Buffer Solutions
  • Volumetric Solutions

Chem-Supply is a leading supplier of reference standards, offering a range of over 18,000 standards, sourced from the world’s foremost producers of certified reference materials. BP, USP, EP LGC, WHO.



Croda is one of the world’s leading suppliers of specialty raw materials for the personal care, health care, crop care, lubricants, coatings & polymers, Industrial chemicals, polymer additives and other markets.



Crodarom operates to the highest ethical standards using, wherever possible, products derived from plants that are organically cultivated and grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilisers. They offer a wide range of mineral extracts.

Crodarom is a subsidiary of Croda.

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